Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer preview classes?

We do not, but you can purchase a drop in single visit class for $29.  You can purchase this online and use withing 45 days of purchase.

How does the monthly membership work?

You decide how many times per month you would like to come.  For $99, you can visit our site 5 times – whether it’s a 45 minute class or 1 hour 15 minute Open Gym.  You can book your classes in advance via our website or app. 

Can I purchase a membership on site?

No.  All memberships must be purchased online and all class reservations must be made prior to arriving for class. 

Can I just show up to class on the day of without a reservation?

No.  You must make a reservation prior to arriving on site. 

What if I can’t make my class?

You can easily reschedule your class on our website or app.  Just make sure you reschedule by 8am on the morning of your class so we can offer that spot to someone else!

I can’t find any classes that fit my schedule.  What do I do?

We are evaluating our member numbers everyday and will add classes to the schedule as needed.  Try an Open Gym if you cannot find a class or vice versa!  There are perks to both the classes and Open Gyms, and the great part is, your little one will be able to enjoy our playscape in either option – something that we haven’t been able to provide to the community for a year! 

How often does your schedule change?

We evaluate our schedule and attendance patterns monthly.  We will add classes as needed.

I’m trying to sign up for a class 2 months in advance – why isn’t it on your schedule?

We release our schedule monthly.  Class days/times for the following month will be released on the 25th, and you can book all classes in advance once the class schedule is released.

What’s a Bill Date?

Your Bill Date is the day of the month in which you purchased your membership.  For example, if you purchased a membership online on March 15, then your next “Bill Date” will be April 15, and then May 15, and so on.  When you purchase your membership, your allotment of classes begins on your Bill Date, and you must exhaust that number before your next Bill Date.  Your class allotment/class visits for the month will NOT carry over to the next month.  

Can my children share their membership?

We have a “Family Membership” that siblings can share!

I’m moving and can’t use my visits.  Can I transfer my visits to a friend?

No, membership visit are not transferable. 

I need to cancel my membership.  How can I do that?

We are sorry to see you go!  Just let us know that you would like to cancel your membership in writing (send us an email!)  anytime before your next Bill Date. 

Talk to us about your cleaning protocol!

We wipe down and disinfect all set pieces in between every class, open gym, or private pod.  We also fog with eco-friendly hypochlorous acid after every class, open gym, or private pod.  Parachutes are laundered daily and one parachute is designated for each class. 

What is your policy on mask-wearing?

Anyone who enters our site must wear a face covering/mask, unless they fall under any of the exceptions outlined by the California Public Health Department ( 

Do you take temperatures?

Yes, we do temperature screens with a no-touch thermometer upon entrance to our site. 

My little one doesn’t like getting his/her temperature taken.  What do we do?

We will do our best!  If we cannot get a temperature reading, the parent/guardian must attest to the health and well-being of the child entering our site. 

Someone is coughing or sneezing in my class.  Will you ask them to leave?

We understand that a cough or a sneeze might occur here and there (hello allergy season!).  However, anyone showing signs of illness (consistent sniffling, coughing, and sneezing) will be asked to leave and return when they no longer exhibit symptoms.  We ask for grace in this department – please do not put our staff in this difficult and uncomfortable position.